Helping to keep Nick’s Clinic a Hygienic Environment

Updated 25.03.2021

Dear Friends,

Following a risk assessment of Nick's Clinic, please find below the precautions I have taken to keep Nick’s Clinic in Oakington a Covid-19 secure environment, as well as steps you need to take to help keep Nick’s Clinic a hygienic therapeutic space. 

Nick’s Clinic is a small business situated within a large well-ventilated treatment room with its own bathroom facilities.  The number of treatments are limited and by appointment only.

Patient Responsibility

If you are experiencing a new, continuous cough, a fever, a loss of smell and taste, or have been in contact with someone who has during the last 14 day, please call to rearrange your appointment.  Additionally, if your child's school bubble has been asked to isolate please call to rearrange your appointment.   There will be no cancellation fee.

Note: it is standard practice that Remedial Massage treatments are not given to anyone with an infectious disease.

If you are considered vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19, or live with someone who is, consider carefully if treatment at this time is necessary.  I apologise in advance if through my professional judgment I cannot treat you at the moment.

Face Coverings for Therapist and Patient

For your treatment (hands-on work), I will be wearing a Type 2 mask and eye protection as recommend in the Government guidelines.  At all other times I will maintain a 2 metre distance.

On entry to the building could you please wear your own face covering unless you are exempt from doing so.  Your face covering can be removed for the treatment as breathing may become difficult when lying on your front.

Note: please regularly check this particular information as the Government may again change its advice.

Patient Journey Though Nick’s Clinic


Upon arrival, please bring with you a bath size towel and wait in your car or in the front garden until your appointment time. 

On entry, please wash your hands in the W.C. at the top of the stairs or use the hand sanitiser provided.

The Nick's Clinic NHS Test and Trace QR Code is now displayed in the waiting area should you choose to scan it.

You can then walk straight into the therapy room and take a seat.  

During the consultation my seat will be placed more than two metres away from you.


After a brief consultation, I will leave the therapy room as usual to allow you to change.  Your clothes should be placed in the clean container provided.


The massage bench will be covered in fresh medical couch roll, vinyl bolsters and pillows maybe used to support  your lower back, head and feet.

I will wash my hands and fix my face coverings before re-entering the room.  The majority of your treatment will take place lying face down.

Once your treatment has finished, I will again leave the room so you can change and so that I can wash my hands and remove my face coverings.

Exiting the Therapy Room

Please bring your own water bottle, but I am happy to provide a drink upon request.

Payment can be made via Internet banking or by cash or cheque.

Once you are ready to leave I will open the therapy room door for you to do so.

I will then clean the massage couch, paying extra attention to the vinyl face cradle/head rest.  I will also clean surfaces and fixtures in the therapy room, hallway and bathroom in preparation for the next appointment.

Other New Precautions

  • New sequential cleaning regime between treatments for the premises and equipment.
  • The number of daily treatments has been reduced to allow for space between appointments.
  • An air purifier with UV-c virus technology which kills 99% of viruses has been installed in the therapy room.

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to read the above and please do visit again for further updates.  I am open to any ideas you may have as to how I can improve your experience of Nick’s Clinic and would encourage  you to be forthcoming with question concerning your visit.

I hope these precautions go some way towards building your confidence in Nick’s Clinic and in receiving a massage, a most ancient and yet progressive form of healing.

Best of health